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The official Debudder Bucket Lid, by ProCannaGro

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Speed Up Your Harvest

For decades growers have used scissors by hand to cut each bud off of the stems. On average it takes about 1 (one) hour to debud one pound!

The DeBudder Bucket Lid™ solves many of the issues that growers of erbs, buds and flowers face. Because of the extremely short window of time you have to package the product in an airtight container the DeBudder Bucket Lid™ can reduce the time from 1 (one) pound per hour to about 8 (eight) pounds per hour! With several different V-shaped notches sizes, serrated and straight edge, you can easily, rapidly and gently remove the buds from the stems. With the notch cut in the shape of a V the larger buds will “pop” off at the bigger end of the V and the smaller ones will be cut off in the smaller or tighter end of the V notch.

How The Debudder Works

DeBudder Bucket Lid Step 1

Step 1

Snap DeBudder Bucket Lid onto standard 5 gallon bucket.

DeBudder Bucket Lid Step 2

Step 2

Cut stems into approximately 2 ft lengths.

DeBudder Bucket Lid Step 3

Step 3

While holding bottom of stem, place top of stems inside bucket and find appropriatele sized notch.

DeBudder bucket Lid Step 4

Step 4

With a firm grip, quickly pull stems upwards in one smooth motion. The buds fall gently into the bucket. Empty bucket as needed.


Up to 80% Time Savings​

Pays for itself in 30 Minutes

Does not Damage Buds

The DeBudder Bucket Lid™ has many advantages over the decades long tradition of cutting buds, erbs and flowers by hand with scissors with a time savings of up to 80%! The DeBudder Bucket Lid™ MSRP of $39.99 is far less than the automated machines on the market that sell for $3,250 and up to $90k. The DeBudder Bucket Lid™ is self-cleaning, needs no maintenance and is virtually indestructible because it’s made of ABS and has no moving parts AND comes with a lifetime warranty! The DeBudder Bucket Lid™ is light weight, needs no electricity and small so it’s very easy to store. It won’t rust and can do as much as any automated machine can do.

ProCannaGro is proud to be the Official Owners & Manufacturers of the Debudder Bucket Lid & Debudder EdgeProCannaGro aims to partner with and share with you, only the best the cannabis industry has to offer. We curate & supply you with only the highest quality growing, trimming, & lighting products to ensure you always grow like a pro.

To honor the inventor of the Debudder Bucket Lid, we have kept the Orginal 420 Branding on all of our Debudder Bucket Lids & Debudder Edge. We salute all the pioneers and farmers who have brought us to where we are today.

Happy Trimming,


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